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Experience Seamless Global Messaging with Turkey SMS!

Unlock the World with International Messages!

Are you looking to connect with clients, friends, or family beyond the Turkish borders? Look no further! With Turkey SMS, our International Messages feature empowers you to reach out to any country worldwide, breaking barriers and forging strong global connections.

What are International Messages?

International Messages refer to SMS sent outside the Turkish Republic, spanning across borders to deliver your messages to recipients around the globe. These messages encompass all numbers that do not start with the Turkish international code (+90-0090).

Send Messages Worldwide!

Turkey SMS provides you with the ultimate platform to send SMS messages worldwide. Seamlessly navigate our user-friendly interface, empowering you to stay in touch with your international contacts effortlessly.

Charge and Go Global!

To explore the world of global messaging, simply charge your balance with an international account. Once topped up, you gain the ability to send messages to any country on Earth, experiencing the joy of seamless international communication.

Tailored Pricing and Delivery Time!

The price of sending messages varies from one country to another, allowing you to select the most suitable option that fits your needs. Furthermore, the delivery time of your international messages adapts to each country, ensuring timely communication regardless of the time zone.

Activate Your International Reach!

To embark on your global messaging journey, just reach out to our dedicated Technical Support Center. Our expert team will swiftly activate your account, granting you access to our international messaging services and expanding your horizons.

Experience the World at Your Fingertips!

Join Turkey SMS today, and embrace the world of boundless communication. From clients to friends and family, stay connected across continents with ease. Our International Messages feature opens doors to new opportunities and bridges the gap between borders.

Discover a world without boundaries with Turkey SMS - Your Passport to Global Communication!

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How are international messages calculated ?

The international balance is used outside the Turkish Republic, and it is requested through charging a financial balance —financial value — not a number of messages, because the financial value of sending messages varies from one country to another and the price of the message is fixed no matter how many.


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