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Get ready for a unique experience and an extraordinary journey in the world of "Local Messaging," where your messages soar towards the horizons of creativity and communication. At Turkey SMS, we offer you an exceptional service that allows you to send local text messages within the borders of the Republic of Turkey.

Forget about limitations and challenges because we cover all officially licensed telecom company numbers in the Turkish Republic. With us, you can send your messages over the internet to all numbers starting with the country code (90+ - 0090). What sets us apart is that we deliver this service with a high level of quality and reliability.

We believe that quality begins from within, which is why Turkey SMS is your optimal gateway for sending text messages. As a privately licensed company registered with the Chamber of Commerce, the Tax Office, and the Turkish Ministry of Industry, our service is based on the latest technologies and the highest security standards. We provide an SMS Gateway from dedicated servers to ensure lightning-fast delivery and an unparalleled level of security.
In the world of Local Messaging, stand out with your messages that carry creativity and appeal within their folds, and communicate with confidence and smoothness. Join Turkey SMS to enjoy exceptional performance and satisfy your customers. We are here to make your experience unique and always deliver the best.
Start your journey towards local communication with confidence and security with Turkey SMS.

The price of sending a message to Turkey

Our prices include VAT, and you won't incur any additional fees. Enjoy our transparent and all-inclusive pricing without any hidden costs. With TURKEY SMS , you can confidently plan your messaging needs without worrying about unexpected charges. We believe in providing straightforward and hassle-free services to ensure your satisfaction. Join us today and experience the simplicity and affordability of our SMS solutions.

SMS Pricing

Local SMS 🇹🇷
1000 SMS
[ 120 ₺ ]
Local SMS 🇹🇷
2000 SMS
[ 230 ₺ ]
Local SMS 🇹🇷
5000 SMS
[ 375 ₺ ]
Local SMS 🇹🇷
10000 SMS
[ 620 ₺ ]

Experience the power of Instant Activation, offering you immediate access to our services without any delay. With our diverse range of Payment Solutions, you can choose the most convenient and secure method to suit your needs. Enjoy the speed of Swift Delivery, as your messages reach their destination swiftly and reliably.
Step into a world of efficiency and convenience with our exceptional services. Sign up now for a seamless experience with Instant Activation, flexible Payment Solutions, and lightning-fast Swift Delivery. Let us empower your communication and take your business to new heights.

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Reach your customers across the globe instantly and effectively with the privileges of TURKEY SMS and its cutting-edge technological communication methods.

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