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E-Commerce SMS

E-commerce, also known as electronic commerce, refers to the buying and selling of products or services over electronic networks, primarily the internet. These commercial transactions can occur between businesses and consumers (B2C), between businesses (B2B), between consumers (C2C), or between consumers and businesses (C2B).

Ensure the ultimate security and peace of mind for your customers with our cutting-edge OTP (One-Time Password) service. Offering an extra layer of protection, OTP generates unique and time-limited passwords sent via SMS for verification, login, and account confirmation, making it virtually impossible for unauthorized access or password guessing.

Unlock the true potential of your e-commerce business with TurkeySMS! Boost customer engagement, increase sales, and elevate the overall customer experience. Stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital world, and guarantee the success of your business.
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E-Commerce SMS

• Advantages of E-commerce:

• Significantly lower costs compared to traditional commerce methods.
• Operate a 24/7 online store, making it easily accessible to customers at any time.
• Present your products and services on a single platform for easy access.
• Streamline inventory management, leading to faster sales and increased revenue.
• Provide detailed and informative product descriptions to customers.

E-Commerce SMS

• What Turkey SMS provide?

At TurkeySMS, we cater to all your e-commerce needs with our secure and fast SMS service.

By integrating our SMS solution into your e-commerce system, you can:
• Quickly inform your customers about promotions and discounts to keep them engaged.
• Cultivate customer loyalty by sending well-wishes on special occasions.
• Provide real-time updates on product shipping and delivery to enhance customer experience.
• Inform customers about out-of-stock items and expected restocking dates.
• Customize your marketing approach by sending personalized SMS messages with captivating headers.

Unlock the potential of e-commerce with TurkeySMS, where our SMS service becomes a powerful tool to enhance customer engagement, boost sales, and create an exceptional shopping experience. Step into the world of e-commerce with confidence and efficiency, and watch your business thrive in the digital landscape.

E-commerce SMS Pricing

E-commerce SMS Packages

Our prices include VAT, and you won't incur any additional fees. Enjoy our transparent and all-inclusive pricing without any hidden costs. With TURKEY SMS , you can confidently plan your messaging needs without worrying about unexpected charges. We believe in providing straightforward and hassle-free services to ensure your satisfaction. Join us today and experience the simplicity and affordability of our SMS solutions.

1000 SMS
160 / TL

  • Unlimited Usage Time
  • 3 Language Support (TR-EN-AR)
  • API Integration
2000 SMS
260 / TL

  • Unlimited Usage Time
  • 3 Language Support (TR-EN-AR)
  • API Integration
5000 SMS
480 / TL

  • Unlimited Usage Time
  • 3 Language Support (TR-EN-AR)
  • API Integration
10.000 SMS
800 / TL

  • Unlimited Usage Time
  • 3 Language Support (TR-EN-AR)
  • API Integration

We prioritize efficiency, ensuring your messages are delivered promptly and with utmost precision.

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With TURKEY SMS , you can effortlessly connect with a broad audience and send messages with lightning speed.
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