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• What is International SMS?

Discover the world seamlessly with Turkey SMS!

Surpass Global Boundaries with Our International Messages!

Do you want to connect with your customers, friends, or family outside of Turkey? Look no further! With Turkey SMS, our international messaging feature enables you to reach any country around the globe, breaking down barriers and forging strong global relationships.

What are International Messages?

Our international messages refer to the text messages sent outside the Republic of Turkey, crossing borders to deliver your messages to recipients worldwide. This includes all numbers that do not start with the Turkish international code (+90-0090).

Send Your Messages Worldwide!

Turkey SMS provides you with a superior platform to send text messages across the globe. Easily engage with your international contacts through a user-friendly interface.

Recharge Your Balance and Go Global!

To explore the world of international messaging, all you need to do is recharge your balance with an international account. Once topped up, you'll have the power to send messages to any country worldwide, embracing the joy of seamless international communication.

Customized Prices and Packages to Suit Your Needs!

Message sending rates vary from country to country, allowing you to choose the most suitable option to meet your requirements. Moreover, the delivery time of your international messages adapts to each country, ensuring timely communication regardless of the time zone.

Get an International Reach for Your Messages!

To embark on your international communication journey, reach out to our specialized technical support center. Our team will quickly activate your account, granting you access to our international messaging services and expanding your horizons.

Explore the World at Your Fingertips!

Join Turkey SMS today and embrace a world of unlimited communication. Stay connected with your customers, friends, and family across continents with ease. The international messaging feature opens new doors of opportunities and bridges the gap between borders. Discover a world without boundaries with Turkey SMS - Your passport to global communication!

International SMS

At TURKEY SMS , we offer you efficient communication and exponential effectiveness through our top-notch SMS service.
SMS is the modern and smart way to instantly connect and engage with your customers and audience. With TURKEY SMS , you can effortlessly send individual or bulk messages to mobile phones worldwide.

Bulk SMS remains the most effective and speedy method among traditional marketing approaches, with high read and response rates. That's why our SMS service, supported by Turkish, English, and Arabic language options tailored for different target audiences, is the most effective way to reach the goals you've set for your brand.

To reach your target audience more easily and achieve highly accurate results, we provide you with high-performance electronic communication methods. Our main focus is earning your complete satisfaction, which is the most crucial factor for our mutual success. We go above and beyond to deliver the best possible service.

TURKEYSMS stands out from other brands by offering free services along with our professional team and advanced technological infrastructure. We are committed to being there for our customers 24/7, ensuring you get the fastest and most efficient communication experience.

Join the TURKEYSMS family and experience communication at its finest. We invite you to be a part of our success story!


Bulk SMS Services

With TURKEY SMS , you can effortlessly connect with a broad audience and send messages with lightning speed.
Experience the power of reaching multiple recipients at once, making communication efficient and effective like never before!

Discover the Power of TURKEY SMS !

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Reach your customers across the globe instantly and effectively with the privileges of TURKEY SMS and its cutting-edge technological communication methods.

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Stand out from the competition and boost your customer communication with our high-end communication technology, tailored to empower your business.

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