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TURKEY SMS puts the power of advanced messaging tools at your fingertips, whether you're an individual, a company, or an advertising agency. With our user-friendly platform, sending individual or bulk messages has never been easier, allowing you to get your tasks done quickly and effortlessly.

Bulk SMS Service - Bulk SMS

Say goodbye to the days of struggling to send messages locally or globally. With TURKEY SMS , we break down these barriers by providing cutting-edge technologies that allow you to send an unlimited number of messages simultaneously, reaching anyone, anywhere in the world, in just seconds.
Our specially crafted Short SMS Service packages and advanced technological infrastructure enable you to connect with thousands of recipients with just one click.
No more hassle; with a single click, your messages will be personalized with your customers' names, ensuring a seamless and engaging communication experience. Prepare to achieve exceptional performance and outstanding results with TURKEY SMS . Join us now and experience the excellence of our bulk SMS service!
At TURKEYSMS, we stand apart from other brands by offering free services along with our professional team and advanced technology. Our dedicated support is available 24/7 to assist you.
We invite you to become part of the TURKEYSMS family and discover the fastest way of communication. Embrace the power of seamless messaging and join us on this exciting journey.

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Bulk SMS Packages

Our prices include VAT, and you won't incur any additional fees. Enjoy our transparent and all-inclusive pricing without any hidden costs. With TURKEY SMS , you can confidently plan your messaging needs without worrying about unexpected charges. We believe in providing straightforward and hassle-free services to ensure your satisfaction. Join us today and experience the simplicity and affordability of our SMS solutions.

1000 SMS
160 / TL

  • Unlimited Usage Time
  • 3 Language Support (TR-EN-AR)
  • API Integration
2000 SMS
260 / TL

  • Unlimited Usage Time
  • 3 Language Support (TR-EN-AR)
  • API Integration
5000 SMS
480 / TL

  • Unlimited Usage Time
  • 3 Language Support (TR-EN-AR)
  • API Integration
10.000 SMS
800 / TL

  • Unlimited Usage Time
  • 3 Language Support (TR-EN-AR)
  • API Integration


Bulk SMS Services

With TURKEY SMS , you can effortlessly connect with a broad audience and send messages with lightning speed.
Experience the power of reaching multiple recipients at once, making communication efficient and effective like never before!

Discover the Power of TURKEY SMS !

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providing top-notch commercial messaging services to ensure your advertising campaigns reach the highest level of success.

Advantages of Our ServiceAdvantages of Our ServiceAdvantages of Our Service

Not just in Turkey,

but worldwide!

Reach your customers across the globe instantly and effectively with the privileges of TURKEY SMS and its cutting-edge technological communication methods.

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Stand out from the competition and boost your customer communication with our high-end communication technology, tailored to empower your business.

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