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Account requirements

Account requirements

Get Ready for a Unique Experience with TURKEY SMS - The Ultimate Text Messaging Service! Are you seeking an easy and effective way to stay connected through SMS? Look no further! Get your account now and dive into all the incredible features we have in store for you!

Creating your account is a breeze with these simple and entertaining steps:

  1. Have a mobile number within or outside Turkey to register it in your account and receive the verification code.

  2. Ensure you have an active email address to receive our exclusive updates and reports.

  3. If you're in Turkey, make sure to bring owner identification (ID, passport, residence) to complete the registration process smoothly.

The best part? Your account is entirely free with no costs or fees, and it's for a lifetime, without any expiration date!

Your comfort and experience matter to us, but we also commit to the agreed Terms of Use. In the event of any violation, we might have to close the account. But fear not, as we continuously strive to enhance the service to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Join us now and get ready to enjoy the power of text messaging through TURKEY SMS! Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to connect effortlessly and seamlessly.

Embrace the Future of Communication - TURKEY SMS Awaits You!

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