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You can make a new account by choosing "Create a new account" option in our home page, enter all the required infomations then you'll receive SMS code that you should enter.

After that you'll get an email that has all your account data.



Account activation goes through two steps:

the first step is by receivng a code that is sent to the registered mobile number when creating the account.

second step is after logging in to the account, it requaired official documents like personal identity, passport or company license.

Once you enter all the right informaitons your account will be fully activated.



We have many account types that we support, such as

-  Company account: it's only for companies that has official license and full documentation.

 - Individuals account: for people without corporate licenses but only official identity.

- Advertising agencies account: it's for companies that work in advertising and software services.

- Associations or organizations account: like charities and social organizations.



There is one difference in terms of using the text message system between accounts, and it is divided into two parts: The first section is advertising agencies: their account has more options, and the account can control sub-accounts affiliated with it. The second section is the rest of the accounts that are not included in the advertising agencies. The accounts are sorted through the documents that has been sent by you


- In case of violation of the terms and conditions of using the text messaging service.

- In case of any violation of the terms of the contract.

- In case of canceling the company's licens.

- If the account belongs to a company 

the account will be suspended by us..


P.S. account will not be disabled by any reason other than the reasons that has been mentioned.



You can retrieve the login data for your registered account with us at any time, through Click on the data recovery link, retrieve login data, And enter your mobile number registered in the account, to send the login data by text message to your number, This message contains the login data, which is: the login name and the password.


You can have your account back at any time by clicking on "data recovory" link 


Measures to be Taken Regarding Bulk Text Messages dated 16/03/2020
In accordance with the letter sent by the Information Technologies and Communication Authority (BTK) Information Technologies Department;
As of 19/03/2020, the secure login system will be activated automatically with 2-step verification SMS for all subscriptions.
When logging in to Turkeysms Webportal, a verification password SMS will be sent to your mobile phone number registered in the system.
If there is more than one user of your subscriber From Turkeysms Webportal> User management> Add a new user, you can define your users and the mobile phone numbers required for login.

For detailed information;
0850 840 00 74

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