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You can send an individual message to one number or group of numbers (not classified under groups) By going to the Send a message page And choose the sending address, write the number and the content, and choose the sending language, After that, click on the Send Message button

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Group SMS is of two types: The first sending a group of archived numbers within the account from the groups page By clicking on the send message icon within the group options The second option is to send to numbers not registered in the address book This is done by writing the numbers manually in the space provided for the number

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Messages are counted by the number of characters sent and by the sending language
If the text is in Arabic, one letter will be 64 characters
If the text is in Turkish, one message will be 150 characters
If the text is in English, one message will be 155 characters

text SMS

Through your account, you can save a text message form (message content) within the account, When sending, choosing it without the need to type it again, And that is by going to the section of the saved models Or, after sending a text message, you see the option to save the message content as a message form within your account

text SMS

It is a link of 36 characters that is added to the end of the text message to the number sent to it If the number does not want to receive a text message from your account, he must click on the link The cancellation process is recorded in the text message system Its number is converted to inactive: you can view the cases on the page You will not be able to send advertising messages to this number in the event that they request cancellation

text SMS

It is a text, link, or logo that you can add to your account when sending a message, And when activating the signature option. The signature will be inserted automatically at the end of the message Signature is to facilitate writing and transmission speed

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Scheduled sending is sending a message at a later time
so that the date and time that the message will be sent is specified
When going to send a new message through your account
The default will be Send now
You can click on the scheduled sending option > As shown in the picture, with specifying the date and time of sending the scheduled message After the data registration process and pressing the message sending option, the data will be recorded in your account
and the sending system will send the message automatically when the date and time that has been specified is achieved

text SMS

Our transmission system supports multicast client with variable message option Let the idea come to you more clearly You have a group of numbers in your account and you want to send a message to them, and at the beginning of the message you want to add the name of the customer who will receive the message. You can do that simply according to the following steps:
1- You must add your clients' numbers to your account within a group.
2- You must add the customer's name along with his number as well.
3 - Choose the multi-transmission option for a whole group.
4- The place where you want the customer's name to appear in the message content
Write the next word (T-AD) only four letters.
You can choose the sending now or the scheduled sending from the sending options. When you start sending, the sending system will filter and replace the word T-AD to the customer's name as recorded in the second step. The message will be received in a variable form. Each customer receives the message in his name. You wrote one message and sent one .. The sending system has modified, added the name and sent

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