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Here at TURKEY SMS, our mission is to provide you with the best solutions to streamline your business and enhance your communication with your customers. That's why we offer the "Unsubscribe" option, allowing your customers to opt-out of receiving text messages according to specific rules. And the best part is, we provide this service completely free of charge!
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SMS Opt-Out Link

When sending a Short Message Service (SMS), it is legally required and essential for maintaining a positive relationship with your customers to include an opt-out link at the end of the message. Even if some of your customers are loyal to your brand, they may not wish to receive messages from you, or they could be bothered by an influx of messages during campaign periods.

For this reason, you can take advantage of the opt-out link service provided by TURKEY SMS, which is completely free of charge.

To ensure compliance, you must add the SMS opt-out link to the text of your messages when sending them. Recipients have the right to stop receiving messages at any time, even if they willingly provided their number or indicated that they want to receive campaign information or updates from you through your app or website.

Upon receiving an opt-out notification from a recipient, you must remove them from the contact list associated with the communication channel through which they sent the opt-out notice. For example, you can still send an email to the same person, but you cannot send an SMS message to a recipient who has opted out.

It is crucial to grant recipients the right to opt-out through any channel used for sending messages. For instance, the SMS message sent via text should also provide the option to opt-out via text. It would be non-compliant to direct a message sent via SMS to customer service for opting out.

Within three days of receiving an opt-out request, the service provider must cease sending commercial electronic messages and remove the contact address of the opt-out requester from the relevant database.

However, if there are messages that are required to be sent to the recipient based on legislation applicable to the sender, the opt-out notification from the recipient does not prevent such mandatory communications.

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Take advantage of TURKEY SMS's FREE SMS CANCELLATION LINK service to ensure you stay compliant and avoid any legal consequences. By including the SMS cancellation link in your messages, you empower your recipients to opt-out easily and respect their preferences. Our aim is to provide you with convenient solutions that prioritize your legal compliance and maintain a positive relationship with your customers. Don't miss out on this advantageous offer to safeguard your business and maintain a respectful and seamless communication experience with your audience. Stay compliant and worry-free with TURKEY SMS!