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You can easily go to the balance section / add credit, And choose the package that suits you, and complete the process of adding the balance


The local credit is the one that is used within the Turkish Republic only, The local credit request is made through bouquets for the number of messages required Whereas, the more messages the number increases, the lower the price per message. As for the international balance, it is used outside the Turkish Republic. And his request is through charging a financial balance - a financial value - and not a number of messages. This is because the financial value of sending messages varies from one country to another, and the price of the message is fixed regardless of the number.


You can find out the message price for each country through international message rates, Which contains details of all countries and their prices


The balance required through the SMS system is not limited by a validity time, it is available until its expiry Also, the international balance is not limited to a period or time of validity

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