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How to connect text messaging service with the salla platform

How to connect text messaging service with the salla platform

A basket platform offers you all the tools you need to build a successful store
By owning an online store, without commission on sales, with advanced options in managing the store and products
In case you have a store from the basket platform, you can link your account with the Turkey SMS text messaging service
Easily and send without logging into your account via the API

What do you benefit from the process of linking with a basket platform?
- Send verification messages upon login
Account data recovery
- Send request status notification (completed - delivered - canceled)
- Send individual and group messages about the new offers to all subscribers

How to connect messaging service with the basket platform
In the beginning, you must have an active Turkey SMS account
If you do not have an account, you can create a free account through the link

Go to your control panel on the basket platform for the section (Store Settings)

salla.sa connect services

Next, choose Connect Services
You will see the existing services that you can link to
In the SMS services section, the name of the Turkey SMS service appears

turkey sms provider selection with salla.sa

When you click on the "Edit" option, a window appears for you to add your account information
The data that should be added is
Your api key
The sending address

how to link text messages sms with salla.sa

This information can be obtained through your account (direct link api) after the process of logging in to your account

SMS api section in Turkey sms

After that, choose the api data option to show you your account data that must be added to your store in the basket

SMS api section in Turkey sms

Do not forget to activate the default service option to set the transmission through the Turkey SMS service
After completing the link, you will see an alert in your account that the connection process through the API has been successful

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