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Smart number filtering tool

Smart number filtering tool

As a user of our text message service, one of the most common issues you may encounter is ensuring that the numbers added to your account are accurate and free of duplicates. At TURKEY SMS, we have introduced a new development and update to our transmission system called the "Smart Filtering Tool." This tool performs multiple functions simultaneously to streamline and enhance your experience:
1. Automatic and Rapid Duplicate Number Filtering: The Smart Filtering Tool swiftly identifies and eliminates any duplicate numbers from your list, ensuring that each number receives the message only once, even if it appears multiple times.
2. Standardization of Numbers: The tool also corrects the format of existing numbers, removing any commas or unnecessary additions, ensuring that all numbers are written uniformly.
3. Elimination of Incorrect or Landline Numbers: The Smart Filtering Tool helps you identify and delete incorrect numbers or those that are not valid for message sending purposes, such as landline numbers.
4. High-Speed Filtering and Correction: With just one click, you can perform the filtering and correction process quickly and efficiently.
5. Instant Group Creation: After the filtering process, the tool automatically creates a new group containing the correct and unique numbers, allowing you to manage them easily.
6. Easy Group Messaging: The tool also enables you to send group messages to the filtered numbers with a single click.
7. Simplified Import of Contacts: You can import your contacts directly to your account without the need for Excel files or manual group creation. Just copy the numbers into the tool, and it will perform the filtering process automatically and swiftly.
Here's how to use the Smart Filtering Tool:
1. Access the Smart Filter Manager option.
2. Paste your numbers into the provided rectangle using the "Ctrl + V" shortcut.
3. The tool will swiftly filter and delete duplicates and incorrect numbers, leaving only valid ones.
4. You can click on the option to add these filtered numbers to a new group in your account with just one click.
Once the filtered numbers are added to the new group, you can easily send a group message to all of them instantly.
We encourage you to try out the Smart Filtering Tool and share your feedback and experience with us. We are committed to continuously improving our services to provide you with the best user experience possible.

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