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No E-Commerce Without SMS!

No E-Commerce Without SMS!

No E-Commerce Without SMS!
In the second article of the E-commerce and SMS Marketing blog series, we will examine those who write their own success stories by using SMS Marketing correctly. Let's get started right away!

Why SMS Marketing?
SMS marketing is the most effective and fast marketing method we can recommend for those who still use the old marketing method and for institutions that ask "why can't I reach my target audience, why can't I grow?" In fact, it is so fast and effective that in almost every country in the world where the rate of phone usage is common, SMSs sent by companies are viewed within minutes by their target audiences and customers within minutes. The average of other marketing tools is well behind this speed of SMS.

Why not E-Commerce without SMS?
The answer to this question is actually quite simple, without communication, there is no trade. It is almost impossible to grow a brand without identifying the right target audience and using the right communication tools. At this point, SMS emerges as the most effective method that can be used for institutions that want to reach their goals in the most accurate and fastest way. Let's take a closer look at the positive effects of SMS marketing on e-commerce sites with three impressive examples:
Cloudy's Story
Cloudy is a start-up company founded by 19-year-old young entrepreneur John Robb that sells products to help people sleep better and better. In addition to users who had purchased John's products, he wanted to further expand his target audience. For this reason, 133,000 new members, who wanted to receive regular news from their brand in a very short time by choosing SMS marketing, increased their sales with a 12 times higher return on investment and 16% growth in SMS compared to the previous 7 months.
The Story of 310 Nutrition
310 Nutrition is a health nutrition organization that sells specially packaged food products for those who want to eat clean. This brand, especially appealing to those who prefer their meals quickly and healthily, sought to find new customers and consolidate its position in the market. As a result of this search, the 310 Nutrition team tried a new marketing campaign by taking the SMS marketing method to the agenda and adapting it to their institutions. By establishing an integrated system, they marketed their new products to their customers via SMS and added a short "Do you want to buy now" question to the end of their messages and received hundreds of new orders. Thanks to the SMS channel, they generated an additional $100,000 in sales per week and their return on investment increased 59 times.
The Story of UMZU
UMZU is a health company that sells supplements that help men and women restore their hormonal balance. Unlike the two examples above, UMZU planned its SMS marketing in a different way due to the fact that it is a healthcare institution. They supported their products with educational blog posts, as they knew that their customers were doing detailed research before purchasing the products, and they added detailed educational blogs about their products to the SMS they sent. Thanks to this method, they earned an additional $87,000 monthly sales revenue.

As a result:
By reading the market correctly and using SMS Marketing correctly, you can write your own success like these brands that reach their goals in a very short time. You still have time to start somewhere.

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